only trained personnel

Our company has always been committed to skills development and believes it to be a true form of empowerment. A chronic skills shortage, particularly in present day South Africa, is a constant challenge to service providers, job seekers and clients alike.

Our workshop is not “rationalized” into compartmentalized production sectors as is the case with most manufacturing workshops. At Osterwald & sons each employee is expected, within the scope of his or her abilities, to perform a variety of tasks in the production process. As a result there is more opportunity for each person to develop a sense of pride and connectedness to the end product. This noticeably impacts on work experience and responsibility. Without compromising on price competitiveness and product quality, this work ethic has shown measurable benefits beyond the workshop.


clients who value quality

Osterwald & Sons have done work for private clients, major corporations and government projects. Our work is found all over South Africa and our furniture has been exported to multiple countries in the world. Our team has fitted in various parts of South Africa as well as internationally (for instance: Germany, Italy and France).